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Looking for a good tv series to watch while you’re waiting for GoT? Then check out Billions from Showtime. If you’re an investor you’ll love the insights the series shares about trading and the world of hedge funds. Trailer from its Season 1 can be found below – check it out.  It’s a high quality drama well worth watching.

Trivia #1: IMDB rates the series with 8.4 (which I agree) – but I do find strange that there’s not a single Emmy nomination in the whole 3 seasons the series has put out – VICE’s article puts it bluntly:

When Will ‘Billions’ Get the Emmy It Deserves?

The Showtime series is one of the best dramas on television. So where the fuck is its Emmy?

Trivia #2: Brian Koppelman (co-creator of Billions) has a great Tweet about how he started writing the series after his agents told him 15 months before he was un-hirable.